The Christmas Basket was a final project for my Material & Texture Creation class that I took in the fall term of my junior year. I decided to go for a Christmas-y theme and enjoyed myself a lot as I was wrapping the project up right around Christmas break :) 

I am responsible for surfacing, lighting, rendering, post, and the blanket sim.


December 2019 / junior year  

The breakdown

Even though this was primarily a surfacing project, it became apparent early on that lighting would be a big part of it too. One of the requirements for the piece was either a moving camera or an animated light source, that's what initially gave me an idea to add twinkling fairy lights to my scene. 


The lighting setup was pushed further by two competing lighting sources - cool moonlight coming from the window  and warm, cozy lighting of the room. This combination enhanced the composition and highlighted materials in the scene. Approximately 30 lights were used, most of them were animated.

To facilitate the surfacing process I collected references for all the objects in the scene. "Reference hunting" involved photographing my own blanket, wandering around old buildings on campus for that perfect painted wood texture and everything in between. 

Lookdev stage was a lot of fun, I gained a deeper understanding of layered shaders, procedural material creation, and even got a chance to practice XGen for the blanket fuzz.

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 5.18.20 PM.png