The Glass Still Life was created as part of the Material & Texture Creation class that I took in the fall term of my junior year. 

I am responsible for all aspects - modeling, surfacing, lighting, rendering, and compositing.


October 2019 / junior year  

The breakdown

This project's focus was on realistically recreating refracting objects in a CG render. Even though modeling is an important step for any scene, it was particularly crucial here because of the transparent nature of the objects I was working on. I payed very close attention to thickness and curvature of the objects and to details such as the water meniscus in the glass and in the vase. 


To really study the properties of glass I actually went into a thrift shop and bought the bottle and the glass that I used as references for the objects you see in the render. And if you ever wonder whether it was as fun to work on this project as I say it was - just look at the photo :)