Greeny was a solo animation project that I've done in the winter term of my sophomore year. 

The project was modeled and animated in Maya, textured in Mari, rendered using Redshift and post-processed in Nuke.

03.20.2019 / sophomore year



The breakdown

The project started with me coming up with Greeny's story and developing him as a character. He was the first character that I've got to come up with, design and animate, so it was definitely a unique experience for me.


Since I've never dealt with projects of such scale before, this was a great lesson about scope and planning. I ended up scoping the project down just at the right time to finish it before the deadline, which is why the storyboard and the final animation are different.


 Even though the short has some issues, I still really like Greeny and hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it! 

The storyboard