The Gymnast was created as part of the Organic Modeling class that I took in the fall term of my junior year. 

I am responsible for all aspects - modeling, surfacing, rigging, grooming and lighting.


December 2019 / junior year  


This project was my first serious attempt at character modeling, and even though it has many flaws, I'm still proud of it. Box modeling this guy was a challenge, however, it taught me a lot about topology and proper edge flow. After the bulk of the project was completed, I took on an extra challenge for the fun of it - the hair system. I've never done it before this class, and I was excited to dip my toes into something new. I followed these tutorials from the UIW 3D Animation and Game Design channel, and they really helped me walk through the process of hair creation for the first time. If not for these videos, I would've been lost 5 minutes into the process, haha. To finish and properly present the model I posed it using the rig I created for it, and tweaking some deformations after I nailed the general shape. Surfacing was exciting since I decided to do it procedurally for the most part. Maybe not the wisest decision for the skin, but I feel like it worked well for the leotard.