Out for Coffee (or Spider Girl, working title) was a group project created as a part of the Advanced Compositing class. 


Mariia Osanova - Texturing & compositing

Andrew Bishop - Modeling, rigging, hair simulation & pipeline support

Anthony Miola - Motion capture, layout & motion graphics

Shannon Sands - character design


29.03.2018 / sophomore year  

The breakdown

Spider Girl was the first organic character that I've textured, which made this project both very challenging and exciting for me. In a strive for realism, I was trying to keep texture details subtle and intricate. Only later have I discovered that those minute details were totally lost if the camera was anywhere further than a foot away from the surface (who could have thought, right?).  


In regards to compositing, that was one of the most interesting projects that I've worked on. Because of the nature of the plate, there was a lot of ways to integrate CG, including carafe and table reflections, and  fake depth of field.