Peale's Museum of Natural History Research was a group project that I've been involved in during the summer after my freshman year. This research was centered around the Peale's Museum of Natural History that occupied the Independence Hall for nearly 30 years at the turn of the 19th century. As part of the research team, I've been investigating what the Long Room in the Independence Hall looked like when the museum was housed there.

The stretch goal of the project was to recreate the Long Room in 3D and use it in the Independence Hall in an Augmented Reality (AR) exhibit. Apart from doing the research, I was also responsible for recreating the room and some artifacts in 3D. This involved getting the reference and HDRI photography, creating assets in Maya and Mari and doing photogrammetry of several artifacts in PhotoScan. In addition, I took care of some management aspects and restructured the project's file system, developed workflow guidelines, spec sheets and burn-ins for the team.


June - August 2018 /

freshman year