• Mariia Osanova

Hey There! Here is some exciting Houdini/photogrammetry stuff I'm working on!

Hey! It's spring term, I'm taking 19 credits out of 20 possible, so I decided to finally start the blog part of my website (because when else if not when you are taking 19 credits, right?). I'm taking some very exciting classes this term, including Procedural Modeling in Houdini, Compositing, CG makeup and Advanced Programming Tools and Techniques to name a few.

This is my first assignment for the Procedural Modeling class. We were given a task of making a procedural hot air ballon with a basket. I took it a little bit further and added some flags animated with a couple of Ripple nodes as well as ropes hugging the balloon. In addition I've comped some snow and clouds and generally sweetened up the shot (because why not?)

For the CG makeup class we've been working with photogrammetry. I was familiar with Metashape (former Photoscan) before, so that was a natural choice of software for me. Out of curiosity, in the middle of the process I've also decided to test the same set of pictures in ReCap Pro. The results were less precise, but ReCap produced smoother geometry, and processed much faster. Both models will require retopologizing, but for the proxy geometry and 3D tracking purposes the ReCap model is quite alright. We will see how it all goes next week. I'm hoping of updating the blog once every couple of weeks, so stay tuned! ~ Mariia

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